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Things to consider before publicizing a charity event

Organizing a charitable function requires a substantial amount of forethought. Those with little experience planning events can easily be overwhelmed, but even event organizers with little or no experience can still host a successful event to benefit a good cause. The following are a few things planners should consider before setting anything in motion.


Real estate professionals often emphasize location when showing homes or apartments to their clients. But location is valuable when choosing a destination for your charity event as well. If the event is invitation-only, make sure it's in an accessible location and one where guests will be able to park their vehicles without difficulty. Guests are coming to support a good cause, so they should not be forced to spend a significant amount of time looking places to park. Valet parking is a nice touch, but such services cost money that will have to be diverted from your budget or the charity itself.

If the charity event will be open to the public, then a location near heavy foot traffic that encourages walk-in guests is ideal. This can help raise more money and increase awareness for your cause.

Any charitable event should always be held in a safe location that's handicap accessible and easily accessible to both drivers and mass transit users alike. The less accessible the location, the less likely guests will show up.


The day of the event also merits careful consideration. Holidays should always be avoided, as many people prefer to spend time with their families on holidays and plan such gatherings well in advance. Charitable events held on holidays likely won't attract as many guests as those held on regular weekdays or weekends.

Weeknights can be difficult for some people to attend, as commitments to work and family may not leave enough time for some men and women to make it to a charity event. Weekends might be more amenable, as many people do not work on Saturdays and Sundays and therefore have ample time to devote to charitable endeavors.

When hosting a charitable event where guests will be spending time outdoors, try to choose a time of year when the weather tends to be mild, such as spring or fall. Harsh winter weather or extreme summer heat can make guests uncomfortable, and some might skip the event entirely if the weather is not welcoming. Choosing a date when the weather promises to be mild increases the chances that more guests will show up to support your cause.

Time of day

The time of day also must be considered before announcing a charitable event and/or sending out invitations. Of course, time of day might be dictated by the event itself. For example, a pancake breakfast works best during breakfast hours, while a cocktail party is best suited to evening hours. However, planners have more flexibility with less time-specific events. Functions during which guests will be spending significant time outdoors might be better off held during the afternoon. Time may not be as important when the event will be held indoors, but it's best to avoid asking guests to be out late at night or arrive especially early in the morning.

Planning a charitable event is no small task, and that planning should begin even before publicizing the event and inviting guests.